Essenza di Delicatezza

Welcome to the New Era of Natural Care for Children: 'Essenza di Delicatezza' by Laboratorio Silvana


Discover our passion for gentleness and innovation in the world of natural cosmetics.


Laboratorio Silvana is pleased to present its revolutionary product line, 'Essenza di Delicatezza'. A masterpiece in the cosmetic sector, designed for the little ones, from newborns up to 60 months. This collection is born from our commitment to nature and purity, with a special focus on the delicate skin of children.


We firmly believe that innovation should go hand in hand with nature. 'Essenza di Delicatezza' combines the purity of natural ingredients with the most advanced innovations in cosmetics. Each product is a symbol of our commitment to excellence, offering quality and gentleness without compromise.


The new collection not only maintains our most beloved products but elevates them with modern designs and innovative formats. From eye-catching packaging to names that reflect the values of our products, everything has been thought out to meet the needs of our customers.


Silvana's philosophy is based on deep ethics and a constant commitment to sustainability. Each product is a step towards a more environmentally friendly future, carrying in its heart the values of nature and responsibility.


Each product in the 'Essenza di Delicatezza' line undergoes rigorous dermatological testing, ensuring maximum safety for children's sensitive skin. The peace of mind of parents is our primary goal.


Discover 'Essenza di Delicatezza', a line that celebrates purity, nature, and love for the little ones. Join us on this journey towards more natural and safer care for your children.